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Search for kanji with a specific meaning

If you know the meaning of a kanji or jukugo or want all entries for a specific lexical item displayed, let KanjiQuick search for all matching entries. Fill in the  English input box  and click the   button. Be sure to check your kanji and jukugo settings above the  Readings input box  before starting the search!

You may use pattern matching with your search criteria. For example, if your search criteria is "resp*," KanjiSearch will search for all entries beginning with this text string in the English translation and may display "response," "respect," "respirator" or other matches starting with the letters "resp."

Search from meanings in the Meanings Display Box

Note: Searching from the  English input box  is disabled while the  Readings List  is loaded into memory. Click the button to the right of Clear List >  (when visible) to unload the Readings List from memory.

If you double-click any word in the  Meanings display box , or select an entire word and right-click, the selected word will appear in the  English input box . Click the   button and KanjiQuick will display all entries with this word in its description fields (see using the English meaning input box).

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