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Searching for entries from within the English translations (English input)

English to Japanese Kanji Dictionary

Note: Searching from the  English input box  is disabled while the  Readings List  is loaded into memory. Click the button to the right of Clear List >  (when visible) to unload the Readings List from memory.

You may use KanjiQuick to search for any English text in the  English meanings display box . Click one of the words or select a text string with the right mouse button. The selected text will be automatically pasted into the  English input box . Click   and KanjiQuick will display all entries with that text appearing in its English description.

KanjiQuick will display all entries where all or part of the English description matches your selected text. Thus a search for "anti" would yield "anticipate," "antibody," "antique" and many more similar entries found in the database.

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