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Voice generation

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With the voice generation feature, KanjiQuick will read any text displayed in the  Text Analysis   Text input box  opened by clicking the   button. Start reading the entire text by clicking the   button. This button will change to   while reading is taking place.

You are unable to edit the text while the reading feature is enabled. Click the   button to enable editing.

Short Passages

To have a specific selection read, position the mouse pointer at the starting character, select the text string, and then hold down a Shift key before you release the mouse button.

To have a specific selection read repeatedly, select the text string and continue holding down a Shift key. Each time you click the mouse button, the text will be repeated. If you move your mouse, different text will be highlighted and subsequently read, so it helps to maintain a steady hand. As long as you continue holding down a Shift key, the starting point of reading text will be marked. By positioning the mouse on the right side of the  Text Input box , you can highlight a single line (actually, the end of the previous line until the end of the line you wish read) by moving the mouse very little. Holding down a Shift key while highlighting with the mouse in this manner enables you to easily have one line at a time read, and repeated, as many times as you wish. Use the  Fontsize Slider  to make the text larger for easier selection with the mouse.

Important: Reading text in this manner can neither be paused nor stopped until the highlighted text is completely read, so do not select long passages unless you are certain you wish the entire passage read completely. Speed up the reading by adjusting the  Reading Speed slider  at the bottom of the window if you become impatient.

Long Passages

Alternatively, you may simply highlight the section you wish read, and then click the   button (without pressing a Shift key). If so, you may   and   the reading, therefore this method is recommended for longer passages. You will not be able to repeat the passage being read (unless of course you select it once again), so if repetition is desired, use the Short Passage Method described above.

Entire Text

Click the   button with no text highlighted to have the entire text read aloud.

When reading the entire text, reading can be paused and then resumed by clicking the   or   button. Clicking the   button will cease all reading, until you start it again with a new section of text or by clicking the   button again.

Controlling the Reading

After reading has commenced, you may have only one line at a time read by clicking on the vertical scroll bar in the  Text Input box  and holding down the mouse button. Releasing the mouse button will allow the reading of the next line. In this manner, you can also easily control the flow of text displayed on the screen, to see what was before, and what will come next, as you control the reading.

Reading is performed line by line. The line being read will be highlighted. To move back to a line read previously or to move forward, click the appropriate   or   button. You may speed up (or slow down) the reading by adjusting the  Reading Speed slider  at the bottom of the window.

TranserSpeak.png (13125 Byte)

A line represents a sentence terminated by a Japanese full stop (small circle). In case of very long sentences, you may activate  Settings >  New line with comma  option from the  Text Analysis  menu. Transer will then start a new line after each comma and full stop mark, and make it easier for you to follow the text being read.

TranserSettMnu.png (4757 Byte)

KanjiQuick Main Program Window

Within  KanjiQuick's main window , the Short Passages method enables you to have the  Japanese readings display box  and also  Jukugo display box  entries read aloud. Select text and press a Shift key before you release the mouse button.

EDICT Reader

In the  EDICT  Reader (Japanese-English Dictionary), text strings can be read. In the  table grid , press a Shift key before you click a cell. In the  central textbox , select text and press a Shift key before you release the mouse button.

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