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Copyright notices

© KanjiQuick program coding and design by Kay Genenz, on behalf of JaF ("Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache e.V."), Duesseldorf, Germany, 2002

© Kanji and jukugo readings and lexical data:
Mark Spahn and Wolfgang Hadamitzky as presented with The Kanji Dictionary (Tuttle 1996) (see http://www.hadamitzky.de)
Data revised and supplemented by Kay Genenz.

© EDICT Reader program by Kay Genenz on behalf of JaF ("Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache e.V."), Duesseldorf, Germany, 2002
The EDICT Reader program and all its data are protected by copyrights and must not be altered in any part. Use for commercial purposes is not permitted. By use of this program you confirm your acceptance of and compliance with all copyrights.

© EDICT Data by The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Monash University, 2002
Detailed copyright regulations for the EDICT data can be found here.

This program and all its data are protected by copyright. Copying or loaning the program is not permitted. No part of the program or its data may be altered in any manner. Data added or modified by you, using the KanjiQuick Edit module, are stored in a separate user area of the database. Any modifications of the contents of the database by use of this module do not impair JaF's copyrights for the original data. By use of this program, you confirm assent to and compliance with all copyrights and restrictions.

Publisher, conditions of use, and warranty

KanjiQuick is published by the not-for-profit organization "Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache e.V.," Duesseldorf, Germany (abbreviated as JaF).

The program has been thoroughly tested in order to ensure proper operation. Although no failures were detected prior to release, under unknown conditions, software products of any kind may behave in an unpredictable manner. Therefore, the author and publisher are not liable for any loss of data or any damages that may be linked to the use of this program.

Although the demo version presently supports most features, for continuous use of the program you must obtain a proper license by registering with the publisher. As a registered user, you are entitled to install and use this program on a single PC only. Use in a network is not permitted. By using this program in its demo or registered version, you have accepted all conditions of use.

For further inquiries, please contact:
"Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache e.V.," c/o Seminar E Orientalische Sprachen, Nassestr. 2, D 53113 Bonn, Germany.
Email: Info@kanji.de

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