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Options for jukugo searching

There are three ways KanjiQuick will list the entries in the Jukugo window.

Display by position of the kanji used for the jukugo search (default)
This is the default order if KanjiQuick located jukugo matching a kanji displayed in the Kanji window. KanjiQuick will list all jukugo having this kanji in the first position, and subsequently all jukugo with this kanji in the second or third positions, and so on.

Display by order of strokes or frequency (features available with future versions).

displayed by order of their frequency in Japanese newspapers with the most frequently used jukugo in the top position of the list. You may also set the least frequent jukugo to appear in the top position. The number of jukugo rated by frequency is limited.

Limit Searching for Jukugo by kanji position

You may limit searching for jukugo to those containing your selected base kanji only in the leftmost or rightmost positions of the compound. In the "JukuSearch" frame, select "Left character" or "Right character" as desired.

If you have limited the display of jukugo by selecting one of these options, a yellow bar will appear on the left or right side of the   button as a reminder. See the graphic below for an example of right-character-only jukugo.

Select "All characters" to display compounds containing the base kanji as it appears in any position within jukugo (the default option).

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