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KanjiQuick & KanjiTranser

Use KanjiQuick for searching a database containing 6,500 kanji and 47,000 jukugo entries.
Use EDICT Reader* for searching a dictionary containing over 100,000 words and phrases. (Freeware!)

(*EDICT Reader gives you access to the Japanese-English dictionary compiled by Jim Breen and his group at Monash University.)

. . . is your dictionary for single kanji characters and compounds.

KanjiQuick provides easy and quick searches of
 • 6,500 kanji characters,
 • 47,000 compounds, and
 • 80,000 names or place names (optional) and displays all their readings with their associated meanings.

Find a kanji and then search for its compounds.

Find a compound and search for the meanings of any kanji within it.

 • Display stroke order for all jouyou kanji (animated)

 • Display all kanji with a given reading

 • Display all kanji with a given number of strokes

 • Display all kanji sharing the same radical

 • Display readings in rômaji or kana

 • Display all kanji or compounds in order of frequency

 • Display page numbers for further information in two well-known Japanese kanji dictionaries

 • Display kuten, JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC and Unicode codes

KanjiTranser (comes with KanjiQuick)
 • Input Japanese texts and have all kanji and compounds automatically translated and listed with their readings and meanings

Installation requirement:
50 MB space on your fixed disk

High resolution display
Pentium III 600 MHz processor or higher
128 MB RAM or more
Windows 2000 or XP
(Windows 95/98/ME support to be released by end of 2002)

(* Japanese voice generation optional: please inquire by email)

Contact: info@kanji.de
Produced and published by JaF (Fachverband Japanisch als Fremdsprache e.V., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Japanese language studies), © 2002.

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