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Select readings from the Reading List

The  Readings List  is useful if you know only the pronunciation of a word or kanji, and would like to determine how it is written. Since many words use the same pronunciation with various kanji, it would also help if you knew the basic meaning of the word you are researching.

Displaying the Reading List

By clicking on the   button (to the right of the  Reading input box ) you can activate searching for kanji and jukugo by readings. If the readings database is already loaded into memory, the   button changes into a Scroll Down Arrow for viewing the list of readings.

It may take a minute (or more with slower computers) to fill the  Readings List . For this reason, KanjiQuick will ask you to confirm your choice. You may choose not to be asked for confirmation in the future. Click  Settings >  Default Settings  from the main program menu to reset confirmation requests.

Selecting a Reading

If activated, the  Reading input box  will change into a list containing all on and kun readings from the database in alphabetical order. Simply scroll down the list, choose the appropriate reading and click  . The list is long, with over 40,000 entries. It takes time to load into memory, which is why it is not activated by default.

Even after you have activated this feature, you may still manually enter searches in the  Reading input box  above the list (see search by reading). However, searching by inputting data into other boxes, such as  Strokes  or  Radical , is disabled. Note that those input boxes each contain an "X" when disabled.

While the scrolling list is displayed, KanjiQuick will jump to the reading which first matches the characters you input as you type. You may also enter pattern matching characters, * or ?, for a broader search. No more than 1,000 kanji at a time will be displayed.

Closing the Reading List

Switch OFF this option by clicking the Clear List >   (Minus Sign) button above the  Readings input box . When the  Readings List  option is off, this button will not appear.

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